K24 League

On March 1, we start with the K24 running league powered by SPORTMED????. A few more short rules about the league????.

✔️ Members of STRAVA group K24lige M/F compete (you are welcome to invite others)

✔️ Scoring: 1st place 10 points, 2nd place 9 points,… ..

✔️Condition: activity loaded on STRAVA under RACE MODE

✔️ Open for 14 days

✔️ Due to possible GPX problems #repeat (if not on STRAVI does not count ????)

✔️ Competes at your own risk and is voluntary!

✔️ Competes according to the FAIR PLAY principle

✔️ The best 6 stages count for the overall victory

✔️ After the stage, the results will be published

✔️ Desirable images posted on social networks after the activity (use # K24ultratrail # K24league)



✔️ We will draw practical BVSPORT award among all the participants of the stage

✔️ The winner of the stage receives a practical BVSPORT prize

✔️ The top three in the final league standings receive practical ones awards.

The first prize is a WAAULTRA CARRIER T-SHIRT worth € 89.


Link to Strava page